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Wooden StepHill Space saver Staircases

StepHill Space Saver Staircases

StepHill is made for people with limited space for stairs. This staircase can be implemented even at a 67-degre angle, and you only need 119cm from the wall to the lowest step in order to install it. The staircase has profiled treads, which ensures safety even when used at steep angles. Additionally, all staircases come with a safety railing – an additional railing can be bought separately for extra support.

The StepHill staircase is perfectly suited for a mezzanine or loft. It’s made using high-quality wood that can be coated in paint or varnish of your choosing. A perfect solution if you’re looking for an inexpensive product that’s still high-quality. The product is shipped in packages up to 55kg, as well as an instruction manual. Contact us for more details!

Made from high-quality Polish wood, guaranteeing many years of use!

We live in times when buildings are designed with the purpose of making the most of the surface area available. In most designs, there is no room for elements that take up a lot of space. In such instances, the StepHill staircase is the ideal solution, taking up only 119cm, which makes them ideal for any small room. Stufe also offers Premium Wood and Metal staircases that are perfect for slightly larger area, e.g. lofts. Take a look at our offer. We’ll be happy to work together with you.


Staircase size
Width: 600mm
Total width with one railing: 630mm
Length (adjustable): 3050mm


Wooden treads
Material: pinewood
Size: thickness: 30mm, depth: 140mm (80mm in area with profile) Width:540mm
Finish: none, can be coated with paint / varnish


Additional information
The stairs come with brackets
The stairs come with a safety railing
They’re best suited for areas at least 2800m high; if the space is lower in height, you can shorten the staircase on your own
They come with a DIY package that comes with an instruction manual (package size (in cm) 305x19x15)
Total weight ~55kg

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